The 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Nov 12, 2021
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Can coffee help safeguard your health? The science tells us a wholehearted yes!

Coffee is often considered a luxury or—for those of us who are obsessive drinkers—even an indulgence. It just feels so good, you know? We all understand when a mug of good black coffee hits just right…it’s deliciously sinful. Yet beyond the psychological benefits of your morning cup of joe, coffee also provides benefits for your health, too.

While we’re not doctors, we do know coffee, and we do know how to read good studies about coffee. As it turns out, coffee has 3 surprising health benefits, and we absolutely have to share them with you.

Coffee may decrease your chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other brain-related ailments.

We’ll start with the most fascinating health benefit of all: studies show that coffee-drinkers have a significantly lower chance of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. A 65% lower chance, in fact. (Science supports it—peer-reviewed articles from the European Journal of Neurology, for example, tell the whole tale.) Since there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s thus far, we have to say that this is amazing. 

Coffee seems to decrease the risk of Parkinson’s, too, as well as depression and dementia. Incredible!

All in all, we think keeping up your coffee habit is a good idea. It might just keep your mind in tip-top shape.

You’ll find multiple essential nutrients in coffee.

Here’s a short list of vitamins and minerals you’ll find in a cup of coffee:

  • Potassium, which is good for your nerves and muscles
  • Magnesium, which aids in energy production
  • Vitamin B2, which helps maintain healthy hair and nails
  • Vitamin B3, which prevents pellagra and aids in DNA repair
  • and vitamin B5, which allows humans to metabolize proteins and fats

While we obviously don’t recommend subsisting entirely on coffee (if only!), it’s not utterly nutrient-deficient. Though the average cup of coffee only has 11% of your necessary daily vitamin B2, it’ll definitely add up if you drink multiple cups per day. 

Coffee helps you burn fat.

For those seeking weight loss—or maybe just to fit better into that lovely outfit you’ve picked out for your best friend’s wedding—look no further. Real, notable, peer-reviewed science once again shows us that coffee has wonderful health benefits…like helping us burn fat.

First, coffee can boost your metabolic rate about 10%. A higher metabolic rate will push your body to burn more calories even while you’re resting, so we’re completely in love with that idea. 

This means coffee—or caffeine more specifically—can increase fat burning by 10%-30%, depending on your body type. If you’re an on-the-go kind-of person who loves their coffee and also needs a bit of weight loss help, coffee’s effects likely sound very good indeed.

We love coffee, and spreading the word about its benefits.

That means we love to teach people how to find, prep, and savor better coffee. We’re not doctors, but we’re coffee experts, and that’s why we want to build diverse community who can enjoy their favorite beverage ethically and sustainably. If you’re a coffee proselytizer, SHAD was built for you.

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