3 Ways to Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Oct 08, 2021

Keurigs and espresso machines, percolators and French presses…

There’s a thousand ways to brew a cup of coffee, but, to be honest? You probably know most of them already. (Sometimes, “mouthfeel” and flavor be damned, bad java is better than no java at all when you’re in a pinch.)

This isn’t a blog post about just brewing coffee. It’s a blog post about brewing an amazing cup of coffee. 

If you want to know the very best methods, we consider ourselves experts in the matter. Here’s a few…

1. The pour-over method

A low-tech solution that results in a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s good. For the uninitiated, this method only requires:

  • A paper filter
  • Some sort of dripper
  • A beautiful vessel for your coffee

Yes, really. As for a quick overview of the pour-over method: 

  • You arrange your filter in the dripper, 
  • put your grounds in the dripper cone, 
  • put the cone over your mug, 
  • and pour boiling water over the grounds at a 16:1 ratio or so.

At the end, you’ll receive the juiciest coffee you’ll ever have…and it’ll feel absolutely delightful in your mouth, too. What a way to start the morning.

2. The Aeropress

A personal favorite of travelers and folks-on-the-go everywhere. With the Aeropress, a plunger pushes hot water and coffee grounds through a filter and into your chosen mug. The device looks somewhat like a syringe, but (of course) larger and less apt to attract confused glances when you bring it out on a camping trip. Much like the pour over method, it’s easy and quick; the resulting coffee is intense in flavor but delicate in texture.

To clarify: Aeropress is a brand name for this device, but there are plenty of similar items on the market that do about the same thing.

3. The French press

Okay, so it might be cheating to bring up the French press, since we mentioned it in the intro. (Consider that a little spoiler.) But the coffee you make with this method is fantastic, so we have to talk about it.

Basically, a French press involves pouring grounds into a carafe, then pouring hot water over those grounds. After that, you’ll use the carafe’s plunger to press the liquid through the bottom of the carafe. No filter, no stress, no mess. 

Coffee made with this method ends up robust as all get-out, and dense, too. It’s great taken pure black, but also pairs well with your chosen additions (milk, etcetera). 

We know how to brew coffee. Seriously.

And that means we love to teach people how to find, prep, and savor better coffee. That’s why we want to build diverse community of coffee drinkers—from the novice to the master roaster—who can enjoy their favorite beverage ethically and sustainably. Whether you love your diner-style percolator or bring out your Aeropress at every opportunity, SHAD was built for you. Take a closer look at what we’ve created!