3 Tips To Drink Coffee The Right Way

Nov 23, 2021
how to drink coffee

Have you ever sat and considered how to drink your coffee the right way?

This sounds sort-of crazy, we know. (Not to mention a little rude.) But we don’t mean to judge our fellow coffee aficionados with the idea. When we say drink coffee the right way, we mean, essentially, the best way to enjoy it fully. No arrogance intended.

You paid for that coffee, after all. It’s only sensible that you get the most out of drinking it.

If you’ve always been curious whether or not you’re getting the intended experience out of your coffee, here are 3 easy tips to drink coffee the right way.

1. Drink your coffee at its ideal temperature.

Yes, there is an ideal temperature for coffee. That might be obvious (no one likes a lukewarm cup, after all) but science backs us up. A peer-reviewed study out of the University of Texas shows that the optimum temperature for drinking coffee is about 130°F. Any coffee fan will likely agree, though you can raise the temperature as high as 180°F if you’re looking to warm up rather than actually taste anything.

Whatever you do, though, drink your coffee quickly: reheating it tends to destroy its flavor, and you deserve all that flavor.

2. Take the time to smell your coffee before you drink it.

Don’t roll your eyes at this one—we promise you don’t have to be weird when you smell your coffee. But since our sense of smell is responsible for 70-80% of what we taste, it’s important that you take a few seconds to enjoy the aroma of your coffee. Most experts tend to agree, too, that a coffee’s scent plays a huge role in how you enjoy your cup of joe.

So: whether you prefer more floral notes in your coffee or like the smoky smell often present in darker roasts, appreciate your mug’s aroma.

3. Understand the flavor of your coffee and enhance it.

Every brand of coffee, every kind of bean and roast, has a flavor profile that you can either dilute or enhance. You likely want to enhance the flavor, since that’ll help you enjoy your coffee even more. A few pointers for the best-tasting joe:

  • Use a water filter. High-quality water brings out the best in coffee.
  • Remember the ideal temperature. See tip #1.
  • Ensure your coffee’s flavor remains strong by using enough water, but not too much. A 1:15 to 1:18 ratio should do, depending on the roast.
  • Brew for just the right amount of time. Let it sit too long and you have dull coffee.

Oh, yeah: your vessel matters when drinking coffee the right way.

At SHAD, we’re not scientists, but we’re coffee experts, and that’s why we built our fully-insulated, stainless steel travel cups with coffee-lovers in mind. Squandering a good cup of joe is a crime against nature, and even if you follow the tips we’ve given you, it all means nothing without a decent drinking vessel. View our products to learn more!